Saturday, June 18, 2016

battery Price

Amaron..15 to 18 months warranty ..

Let the price talk..
Bandingkanlah Harga Kami..
Delivery Charges is depends on location

Ns40: Rm190

 Ns60 :Rm210

NS 70  : RM 280
all price after trade in.

We Provide 18-hours; 7-days a week battery delivery service.
- Installation Service Provided
All price are 10% cheaper than market price!! dealer price
( with delivery service, charges is depends on loaction)
kindly call or sms or watsappe me at 0173332746

Our shop is at 
Ampang,Cheras Selatan,Old klang Road,tmn Sri manja,or Klang meru.
whatsppe or call to get a best deal.

Kevin Battery Supplies   (Ampang,Taman Sri Watan)

Vin Battery Supplies (Old klang road,tmn sri manja)

Vin Battery Supplies ( Klang Meru)

Amaron battery.
Top 1 selling battery in Singapore.
16 to 18 months warranty above.
with Silver material inside the plate.
product from Johnson Controls ,USA. the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region.

Ever wonder why people TALK GOOD about... 

AMARON is one of the leaders in India for automotive batteries and is known for zero-maintenance, higher CCA s with Johnson Controls Inc., USA

Driven by world class manufacturing practices with stringent processes & contwrols and deployment of SQC tools, Amaron produces battery solutions that far exceed customer expectations. It is the most powerful zero-maintenance batteries in India.

There are over 13,500,000 Amaron batteries powering Indian vehicles as of today. Every minute, there are five Amaron batteries being fitted in vehicles in India (excluding two-wheelers).

And Why Amaron Batteries??

The Amaron are the ULTIMATE OEM replacement (like sister company  Varta also from Johnson Controls group of companies) for all models of passenger and commercial vehicles and are one of the most widely sold car battery in the world especially in India & Singapore. As for Malaysia ....Johor would be the one.

The Pro series integrate Amaron's Premium SILVEN X technology for ultra low-corrosion and maintenance free operation as well as BIC vents for enhanced safety. Oversized inter cell welds (19mm lugs) also help to provide superior cranking power.

Ultimate OEM battery replacement. Imported from INDIA...
Amara Raja & Johnson Controls products. 
Special Promo Now. 
Come with 16 to 18 MONTHS Warranty. 😉 
Can last over 2 years easily if normal private use.


As a car enthusiast, you keep up with the latest developments in the automotive world.
So we don't need to tell you why today's technologically advanced cars need a battery that is technologically matched. 
That's where Amaron makes the difference. Amaron batteries are equal to the task. So with an Amaron battery under your hood, you know that your car, jeep or SUV will start without a problem. 

Our Differentiators:
High Cranking Power
High Heat Tolerance
Vibration Resistance
Improved Safety
Long Life (up to 18 months warranty,special size only)
Highest Reserve Capacity

(special for walk in customer)

 Ns40 MF  
From RM190 onwards only!! 
Amaron Battery , 15 months warranty.
(special for walk in customer .)


1)Jln watan 15,Taman Sri Watan.
Click "Kelvin Battery Supplies" 

 in google map or waze
2)Old klang road(Vin Battery Supplies)

Warranty Claim Terms &Conditions.

Please be informed that the purchase price of your battery does not cover onsite warranty.
All customers who call in for warranty claim have 2 options:-
1) If customer requires onsite warranty, charges is as follow:-

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