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Battery Price


Battery Knowledge Amaron Malaysia (Home) Products 
How to get 36-Month Warranty?
AMARON 36-MONTH WARRANTY now only available for some Battery Model, with fixed retail price: 

Amaron Go 38B20L : RM250

Amaron Go 46B24L/R : RM295

Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN55L/R : RM390

Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN74L : RM550

Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN80L : RM680

Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN100L : RM730

After register in Amaron 36 APP, if the battery spoil in 18-month, we replace with FREE (for delivery request,extra fees will be charge). If the battery spoil after 18-month, we will give discount on the new battery (by monthly different rate)

19th Month: 47% Discount

20th Month: 45% 

21st Month: 42%

22nd Month: 39%

23: 36%

24: 33%

25: 31%

26: 28%

27: 25%

28: 22%

29: 20%

30: 17%

31-33: 15%

34-36: 10%

We Provide 18-hours; 7-days a week battery delivery service.
- Installation Service Provided
All price are 10% cheaper than market price!! dealer price
( with delivery service, charges is depends on loaction)
kindly call or sms or watsappe me at 0173332746

Our shop is at 
Cheras Selatan,
Old klang Road
tmn Sri manja
Klang meru.
Century Ultramax
18  months warranty!!
Ultra long lasting battery.

all price is inclusive of trade in old battery
Special for Walk in customers only..
Delivery charges is depends on location.

Ns40: Rm160
Century roadmaster

Ns40: Rm210
Amaron .16 months warranty 

 Ns60 :Rm180 

Century Roadmaster 

Ns60: Amaron,Rm220 

NS 70  : Rm295 

Ns70:RM 230
Century Roadmaster 

Price is special for walk in self colect client
all price after trade in

Amaron battery.

Top 1 selling battery in Singapore.
16 to 18 months warranty above.
with Silver material inside the plate.
product from Johnson Controls ,USA. the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region.

Ever wonder why people TALK GOOD about... 

AMARON is one of the leaders in India for automotive batteries and is known for zero-maintenance, 
higher CCA s with Johnson Controls Inc., USA

The Amaron are the ULTIMATE OEM replacement 
(like sister company  Varta also from Johnson Controls group of companies) 
for all models of passenger and commercial vehicles 
and are one of the most widely sold car battery in the world especially in India & Singapore. 

The Pro series integrate Amaron's Premium SILVEN X technology 
for ultra low-corrosion and maintenance free operation as well as BIC vents for enhanced safety. 
Oversized inter cell welds (19mm lugs) also help to provide superior cranking power.

Ultimate OEM battery replacement. Imported from INDIA...
Amara Raja & Johnson Controls products.

Our Differentiators:

High Cranking Power
High Heat Tolerance
Vibration Resistance
Highest Reserve Capacity

Amaron Hi Life.55B24L Rm260 Onwards only..

Finally is here in Malaysia.

Long Awaited...EFB Battery design for ISS Technology Vehicles 

(ISS - Idle Start Stop).
The first EFB Battery created by Amaron.

#Amaron #Battery #StartStop #istop #Madza #Harrier #EFB #ISS 

Selling from Rm 430 onwards only !!

0173332746 Kelvin


Service centre selling from rm700 onwards !!

Mazda 2 Skyactiv

Mazda 3 Skyactiv
Mazda 6 Skyactiv
Mazda CX3 Skyactiv
Mazda CX5 Skyactiv
Mazda MX-5 Skyactiv
Nissan Serena Hybrid

Century Roadmaster 12 months warranty
Ns40 RM 185
Ns60 RM 195
Ns70 Rm 265
Din55 Rm 265
Din100 Rm 450

Amaron Battery 16 months warranty

Ns40 Rm 210
Ns60 RM 230
Ns70 Rm 320
Din55 Rm 320
Din74 Rm 500
DIN80 Rm 540
Din100 Rm 580

All price inclusive of trade in old battery..

N100 Rm300(incoe,Kochi)
N120 Rm395 ( incoe,Kochi)
N150 Rm450(incoe,Kochi)
N200 Rm580 ( Motolite,Kochi)

*Delivery charges is depends on location.
Rm15 within whole kl*
Out of kl Rm20 to Rm25 .

Address:No,12,Jalan Watan 15,Taman Sri Watan,68000.Ampang.

Contact: 0173332746

Please be informed that the purchase price of your battery does not cover onsite warranty.
All customers who call in for warranty claim have 2 options:-
1) If customer requires onsite warranty, charges is as follow:-